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Test Bank Center

The Test Bank Center provides test bank and solutions manual for university textbooks. We have textbook resources from different major publishers in the world

Test Bank & Solutions Manual

  • Midterm, Final Exam and Quiz Question & Answer (Test Bank)
  • Answers to Textbook Problems through Solutions Manual
  • Complete and Comprehensive
What are Test Bank and Solutions Manual?

Test Bank is simply a collection of practice questions (with answers) dedicated to prepare students for exam, midterms, and final exams. Test Bank is also known as exam practice, exam bank, test questions. By practicing using test bank for your study, you will know for sure that you are prepared enough for the hardest exams

Solutions Manual gives answers to problems in the textbooks. It usually gives detailed steps to solve the problems so that you can understand the subject matter better. Solutions Manual is also known as answer keys or answer manuals.

When you purchase from us, make sure you have Adobe PDF Reader, MS Word or MS Excel, and WinRAR installed on your computers.

Both materials are useful guides during your study in college or universities. With those tools, finishing college with great GPA are becoming reality, and it will enable you to pursue great career in the future.

David Smith, M.A. in Physics and Mathematics, heads up our Solutions Manual team. His expertise in this field is remarkable. He enjoys reading and watching sunsets.

Amelia Maya, M.Ed., joined the Test Bank Center in June of 2015. She brings specialized experience in test bank industry. She is also an avid golfer and enjoys biking on weekends.

Our Staff

Our goal is simple: To help students succeed in their academic studies/classes


Since we opened our doors in 2010, the Test Bank Center has been more than 5000 students fulfill their dream of finishing college. We do this through efficient learning by using solutions manual and test bank for textbooks.

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